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Sandy Meadows Quarter Horse Farm
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About Sandy Meadows Farm

Sandy Meadows Farm is owned by Marlene and Robert Dreifke. Both Marlene and Robert spent many years working in law enforcement careers before retiring to raise their horses fulltime.

Grandpa, clean it right there
Granddaughter Riley cleaning her saddle

Riley ready to show at 4 years old

Grandson Reese with Quigley our puppy
Quigley is getting to be a BIG BOY!!

Quigley ~ Our newest addition to the family!
6 mos. old Aussie Lab cross puppy

Chris, Karrie and the girls
At a recent family wedding

Bob and Karrie Dancing

Marlene's Mom, Aloma with
Marlene, Grandkids and Great Grandkids

Our Son, Chris with his two daughters

Our Son Chris With our Grandaughters
Ashley and Brittany

Sandy Meadows Farm
Helps Make A Wish Come True
With Assistance of
Make A Wish Foundation

Unduns April Fooler and Austin
Make A Wish Horse

When Make A Wish Foundation contacted us asking if we had a horse to fit Austin's wish, I was very surprised.  They said they were specifically looking for a Quarter Horse with four socks and a white face with a black mane and tail.  I was looking at Undun's April Fooler who was standing right outside my Kitchen Window and he fit the bill perfectly.
This is not come easily however; as we had promised Fooler to our 10 year old grandson, Jonny for his show horse for the coming show season.  Fooler was already a two time World Champion in WFQHA and Jonny was really happy to get to show him.  When I approached the family on the request for Austin,  my heart just swelled.  Jonny said "Grandma, we have lots of horses but Austin doesn't have one, so let's let him have Fooler!" 
As they say, the rest is history.  We had Austin and his family out to see and ride Fooler; helped get Austin and Fooler the necessary things to help with horse ownership including setting them up wtih Ed and Sandy Anderson of Five ) Stables in Darien which is much closer to their home then our farm.
I love hearing updates on Austin and Fooler and hope all their dreams come true!  Austin, you have a fabulous horse and he will be a forever companion if you let him.

Our Breeding and Sales Philosophy

Our Farm is dedicated to breeding the finest All Around Prospects. We have spent years building a broodmare band with the type of individuals who will put a foal on the ground who can go from the halter pen to the riding pen successfully.

We are also dedicated to providing our breeding clients with the best service available. We utilize both shipped cooled semen and limited on farm breeding. We work closely with our clients and their vets to ensure a quick and cost effective breeding experience. Call or email for more details.
Finally, we are dedicated to giving everyone who wants to own an Undun Wind horse, the opportunity to do so.  We offer many terms and payment plans to help each child and adult have the horse of their dreams.  If you are interested in one of our horses for sale, please contact us and let us know your needs and hopefully, we can assist you in obtaining the horse you want too.

When we sell a foal, broodmare, or other horse, we diligently try to match the horse with the new owner. We will ask lots of questions as to what the client wants the horse for; what they will do with it (show, trail ride, broodmare, etc.); what the client's experience level is, and so forth.

We want our horses to be happy and successful in their new homes as well as providing our clients with the horse they truly want.

Robert And Marlene Dreifke

Marlene Dreifke was a Police Detective with Madison, Wisconsin Police Department for over 15 years before deciding to take an early retirement to raise Quarter Horses.

Robert Dreifke was a Lt. with Dane County Sheriff's Office for 22 years. After a heart attack, he took an early retirement too.

Together we run Sandy Meadows Farm. We are certified A.I. Inseminators by Colorado State University. Sandy Meadows Farm is set up for Shipped Semen for the young stallions.  Undun Wind is now just breeding on the farm.

Chunn Head Shot; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Unduns Chunn Bar
To get a foal like this, contact us about breeding.
Or buy one from our many champion or champion producing mares. We have several yearling prospects right now and many mares ready to foal starting in February.


Sunrise at Sandy Meadows Farm