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Sandy Meadows Quarter Horse Farm
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2006 & Before Show Awards

Below is a sample of the Undun Wind Get Who Have Been Winners!    Be Patient as the list is growing larger each year!
If you have a son or daughter of Undun Wind who is currently showing, please email us with photos and info on what you are doing!  We will be very proud to list them.

Unduns Cool Kelo
Reserve World Champion ~ IBHA 2006 & Five Top 10's

Cool At IBHA World in Trail Class

Unduns Cool Kelo ~ All Around Performance Champ
IBHA Gateway To The World Show 2006

Unduns Cool Kelo
Owned and Shown by Michele Zimmerman

WBHA 2005 Year End Awards
Dun Factor ~ 4th
Aged Geldings ~ 4th
Amat. Geldings ~ Res. Champion
Watch for Unduns Cool Kelo in 2006 with
Five-O Stables going for All Around titles,
his IBHA Supreme Championship,
and his Superior in Gelding Halter
As an added attraction, watch for Michele & Cool
in the Walk/Trot classes ~ You go girl!!

Trinity's Undun Te
Owned & Shown By
Elizabeth Gannon


In just 3 weekends, Te has stood Grand Champion 8 times and Res. Champion 3 times winning Halter, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Showmanship and more. 
***Year End Audited Results*** So. Maryland Horse Association
4th - Color Conformation
3rd  - Sr. Showmanship
3rd - Open Western Pleasure W/J
1st  - Sr. Western Horsemanship
2nd - Green Western Pleasure (out of 17!)
4th - Western Pleasure 5 and under
3rd - Sr. Western Pleasure
2nd - Sr. Hunter Under Saddle
1st - Sr. English Equitation
All this with missing one whole weekend in the show series!
Congratulations Elizabeth and Te!!

My Zippers Undun
Owned by Marlene & Bob Dreifke
Shown by Kelly DeVooght


Zipper winning Top Ten at IBHA World 2004

3 Year old Zipper has taken to riding classes like he has been doing them for years.  He has points in HUS, Hunt Seat Trail, Western Pleasure and already has a ROM in Western Trail as well as Halter and Dun Factor pts. He has stood Grand & Res. Grand Champion Stallion in 2004 at Halter too.   He is well on his way to his IBHA Supreme Championship.
WBHA 2004 Final Standings
2001 Halter Stallions ~ Res. Grand Champion
Western Trail ~ Res. Grand Champion
Jr. Horse Walk/Trot ~ 3rd Place
Zipper is now owned and ridden by a 12 year old youth!
Good luck to you and Zipper (AKA Jackson now :)
Watch for this team in Youth classes (yes, he's gelded!)
My Zippers Undun is approaching his Supreme Championship so will be shown in Open classes too until he attains that goal!

Menominee Wind
Owned and Shown by Dick Corning
Also Trained and Shown by
Judy Guenther


Menominee Wind has earned his IBHA Supreme Championship award in 2004.  This is the highest award given by IBHA.
The horse needs an equal combination of Halter, Dun Factor and Performance points to get this award. 
****National Point Standings in IBHA****
Menominee Wind is Honor Roll Winner
in Aged Stallions at Halter!! 
Congratulations Dick and Dee Corning! 
We are so proud of you!

Unduns JR Ewing & New Owner Sandy Belgum

Several more Undun Wing get showed on the WBHA circuit this past year.  Photos are not available at this time (send me some if you have them :)  Year End awards are as follows:
2003 Mares 4th place ~ Unduns Classy Leaguer & Joanne Noble
2 Yearold Lungeline 5th ~ Unduns Classy Leaguer
Disc. Rail Huntseat  5th ~ Unduns Sir Skipster & Lisa Viney
Western Trail  4th ~ Undun Windsong  & Marnie Polivka
Sr. Western Pleasure 5th ~ Undun Windsong
Western Disc. Rail 4th ~ Undun Windsong
Yth Showmanship 6th ~ Unduns Skip A Call
Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under 5th ~ Unduns Sir Skipster
Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under 6th ~ My Zippers Undun
Hunter Hack 3rd ~ Unduns Sir Skipster
Western Showmanship 4th ~ Unduns Tag Along & Mary Louden
Amateur Western Pleasure 4th ~ Unduns Tag Along
Open Hunter Hack 3rd ~ Unduns Sir Skipster

International Buckskin Horse Association
World Show News!!
We have A New World Champion and
A Reserve World Champion  &
More ~ Details Below:

Menominee Wind, 3 year old Grulla Stallion by Undun Wind  earned his IBHA Championship!  He has Halter, Dun Factor, Western Pleasure and Trail points!
He is Working on His Supreme Championship and is currently in Reining Training.
Congratulations To His Owners Dick & Dee Corning and their Trainer, Judy Guenther!

Miss Cody Sunbars
Owned by Dan & Mary Crain

Dan & Mary Crain Showed Madame Sara Sunbars & Rebels Sundance Kid in WQHA in 2001 to Year End Hi Pt. Awards.
Sundance is a Grandson of Undun Wind.



Dan & Mary Crain With
Rebels Sundance Kid

Gerald & Arlene Laaker also were
WQHA Year End Award Winners with
Laakers Undun Bar ~ Weanling Filly
Res. High Pt in both Open & Amateur

2001 BQHA Year End Awards

Dan & Mary at BQHA Banquet

Dan & Mary with Even More Year End Awards
Badger Quarter Horse Association
Weanling & Yearling Hi Pts

Gerald & Arlene Laaker's
Laaker's Undun Bar
Weanling Filly Was
BQHA Hi Pt Weanling Filly


Elizabeth Gannon With
Trinitys Undun Te

2 Yr Old Halter Res. Champion
Year End Hi Pt.
Southern MD Horse Association
2 & Under Halter ~ 3rd
MD State Horse Association
With Limited Showing


Dun By The Wind
Hunter Pleasure ~ Gr. Champion
Southern MD Horse Assoc.
Hunter Sr. Equitation ~ Gr. Champion
Southern MD Horse Assoc.
Senior Equitation ~ Gr. Champion
Mounted Wanderers Horse Assoc.
Senior Pleasure ~ Res. Champion
Mounted Wanderers Horse Assoc.
Hunter Conformation ~ 3rd
Mounted Wanderers Horse Assoc.

Unduns Cool Kelo
Ridden by Renee Novotny

2002 IBHA Mares
Unduns Skip & Scoot
Grand Champion

2001 IBHA Mares
Unduns Cool Wind
3rd Place
(Limited Showing)

Unduns Cool Wind
Shown by Owner Carla Ellis

Aged IBHA Mares
Undun Windsong
Grand Champion
Unduns Miss Brett
Reserve Grand Champion

IBHA Yearling Longeline
Unduns Skip & Scoot
Reserve Grand Champion

IBHA 2 Yr Old Lungeline
Unduns Cool Wind
3rd ~ Limited Showing

IBHA HUS Discipline Rail
Undun Windsong
Reserve Grand Champion

IBHA All Around Open Horse
Undun Windsong
Reserve Grand Champion

Youth IBHA Halter Mares
Unduns Cool Wind
Reserve Grand Champion

Open Jr. Horse Walk/Trot
Unduns Cool Kelo
Grand Champion

Unduns Country Girl
3rd at IBHA World Show

Honor Roll Aged Mares ~ Undun's Country Girl

Amat. Western Showmanship ~ Undun Windsong ~ Honor Roll

Amateur Western Pleasure ~ Undun Windsong ~ Honor Roll

Amateur Disc. Rail ~ Undun Windsong ~ Res. Honor Roll

Amateur Western Horsemanship ~ Undun Windsong ~ Res. Honor Roll

Amateur All Around ~ Undun Windsong & Marnie Polivka ~ Honor Roll

Congratulations to all the Undun Wind get and their owners/exhibitors!! Watch for even more Undun Wind teams showing in 2002!

Undun Wind's foals are now winning in everything from Halter to English to Western Events.

Other Year End Awards won by Undun Wind Get

Dun by The Wind
Ridden by Elizabeth Gannon
Multiple Year End High Pts. in Hunter & Dressage Shows.

Unnamed Colt Owned by Ken & Linda Woodley
Won 2000 DCHA Open Weanling Futurity

Menominee Wind
Owned by Dick Corning

Miss Cody Sunbars & Mary Crain
WAQHA Futurity Champion

Congratulations also go out to Dan & Mary Crain and their 2002 daughter of Undun Wind.  Miss Cody Sunbars along with her half brother, Shiloh Sunbars were named 2003 World Champions in Produce of Dam class at WFQHA World  Show.  Their dam, Madam Sara Sunbars was also Reserve World Champion Broodmare!!
Way To Go!!  We are very proud of you!

WQHA State Show News!
My Zippers Undun, our yearling dun colt stood WQHA Stallion Service Auction Reserve Futurity Champion.
UndunsClassicPlayboy, our red dun weanling colt
was Circuit Champion Weanling Colt at WQHA State Show and State Fair Show
Playboy is BQHA & WQHA Year End High Pt.Open Weanling Colt for 2002.
Congratulations to his new owners,
Susie & Steve Weinberger!

My Zippers Undun
WQHA Res. Futurity Champion

Miss cody Sunbars & Rebels Sundance Kid
Owned & Shown by Dan & Mary Crain

2001 WQHA Winners!

Rebels Sundance Kid

2003 Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association
Year End Winners

2000 IBHA Geldings
Unduns Cool Kelo
Grand Champion


UndunsClassy Leaguer
2006 IBHA World Champion 3 Year Old Mare; 4th Amateur All Age Mares

UndunsClassy Leaguer
Top 10 Jr. Western Pleasure 2006 IBHA World Show

UndunsClassy Leaguer
2006 IBHA World Show ~ 4th HUS Jr. Pleasure; 3rd Hunt Seat Disc. Rail

Congratulations to Unduns Tag Along who received 4 Top Five placings and 4 Top Ten placings at the 2006 IBHA World Show.
Also Congratulations to She's Undun In Red and Leah Oppelt for 2 Top Ten Placings at 2006 IBHA World Show.

Unduns ZipNKayCee
Lungeline Futurity Winner & Two top Ten's at IBHA World 2006

Heza Undun Classic
At IBH Congress 2006

Heza Undun Classic
Own and Shown by Sarah Riehl

Unduns Cool Wind
Multiple Superior Halter & ROM's in Performance

Unduns JR Ewing
Owned and Shown by Sandy Belgum

Unduns JR Ewing & Sandy Belgum
3rd Place at ABRA World Show

Unduns Skip N Scoot
Owned & Shown by
Cheri Zimmerman


Scooter has picked up her ROM (unofficially) in Lungeline and has won two year old mare halter several times this year.  She has already stood Grand Champion Mare 3 times at ABRA and Res. Champion once. 
WBHA 2005 Year End Awards:
2002 Mares: Res. Champion
WBHA 2004 Year End Awards:
2002 Mares ~ Grand Champion
Amateur Halter Mares ~ Res. Grand Champion
Two Year Old Lungeline ~ 3rd Place
Congratulations Cheri and Scooter!!

Unduns Cool Wind
Owned & Shown By
Carla Ellis



WBHA 2005 Year End Awards:
Aged Mares:  Grand Champion
Youth Mares:  Res. Champion
Yth W. Showmanship ~ Grand Champion
Eng. Showmanship ~ Grand Champion
Huntseat Eq. ~ Grand Champion
Yth. Huntseat Trail ~ Grand Champion
Yth Western Trail ~ 3rd
Yth Western Horsemanship ~ 4th
Amateur Mares ~ Grand Champion
Youth All Around Exhibitor ~ 14 to 18
Grand Champion
National Year End Awards:
IBHA Honor Roll Champion ~ Aged Mares
IBHA Res. Honor  Roll Champion
Youth Mares
IBHA Honor Roll ~ Yth Eng. Showmanship
IBHA Honor Roll 4th Place
Yth. Huntseat Trail
IBHA Res. Honor Roll ~ Amateur Mare Halter
WBHA 2004 Year End Awards:
2001 Mares ~ Grand Champion
Youth Mare Halter ~ Grand Champion
Western Youth Showmanship ~ Res. Grand Champion
English Youth Showmanship ~ Res. Grand Champion
Western Youth Horsemanship ~ 4th Place
Congraatulations to Carla & Annie for a Great Job This Year!

Unduns Miss Brett
Owned and Shown by
Catherine Finger

Unduns Miss Brett & Catherine at ABRA World Show

WBHA 2005 Year End Awards
Aged Mares:  Res. Grand Champion
Huntseat Trail ~ 4th
Amat. Western Trail ~ Res. Champion
Brett and Catherine had great plans and goals in 2004 and started out beautifully at their first show gaining Amateur pts in several classes.  However, Catherine tore her Achilles Tendon and were "out of action" for most of the summer.   
ABRA World Show
Pre World Show ~ Halter Champion Mare
Brett also received her IBHA Champion Award in 2004.
Congratulations Brett and Catherine on a super "comeback!"

Unduns Tag Along
Owned and Shown by
Gretchen Zechzer


Unduns Tag Along and Gretchen won their very first Western Pleasure class at WBHA this year picking up 5 WP IBHA points.  Tag is trained for Showmanship, Horsemanship, and Trail.  Will be a fantastic All Around horse.  Her full sister, Undun Windsong has several Honor Rolls, Superior Events and was IBHA All Around Amateur Honor Roll horse two years in a row. 
Unduns Tag Along is now proudly owned and shown by Mary Louden.


Undun's Country Girl ~ Superior Halter

Undun Windsong ~ Two Superior Event Titles
5th in Honor Roll Am. Hunt Seat Equitation
All Around Amateur IBHA

Sheza Little Undun ~ ROM Halter

Menominee Wind
3rd in Honor Roll Standings in 2 Year Old Stallions
5th in Honor Roll in 2 Year Old Lungeline
(Even with a 6 week layoff due to injury)

There are more awards being reported and will be posted as we receive them from the owners. Please email with your National or State Awards and we will be happy to include you.

2002 Year End High Point Winners:


My Zippers Undun

My Zippers Undun

2001 Stallions
Reserve Champion

Unduns Cool Kelo

Unduns Cool Kelo
2000 IBHA Geldings
Grand Champion
2 Yr Old Lungeline
Grand Champion

Menominee Wind

Dun Factor
 4th Place
1999 Stallions 
 Grand Champion
Western Trail 
 Grand Champion
Amateur Western Trail 
 4th Place
Jr. Horse Walk/Trot
 5th Place

Unduns Tag Along
IBHA Amateur Mare Halter
Res. Grand Champion

Undun Deal
Jr. Horse Western Pleasure 
 4th Place

Unduns April Fooler
World Champion ~ Yearling Gelding
Unduns April Fooler
Undun In Lace
World Champion ~ Produce of Dam
Undun Wind
Reserve World Champion ~ Senior Stallion
My Zippers Undun
Reserve World Champion ~ Yearling Stallions
Undun Wind
My Zippers Undun
Unduns April Fooler
Reserve World Champion ~ Sire & Get

Undun In Lace and Unduns April Fooler
World Champions ~ Produce of Dam & Yearling Gelding

My Zippers Undun
Res. World Champion Yearling Colt

International Buckskin Horse Association
World Show News!!
Michele Zimmerman & Unduns Cool Kelo
Res. Champion 2 Yr Old Lungeline Futurity
4th Place IBHA World Show
2 Yr Old Lungeline

Unduns Cool Kelo
Res. National Futurity Champion & 4th at World Show

And Undun Windsong and Marnie Polivka
Res. World Champion ~ Discipline Rail

Congratulations to Both of You. 
We are so Proud of All the Undun Wind Owners
Out Showing Their Good Horses!

Undun Windsong
Owned by Marnie Polivka

IBHA Aged Mares ~ Undun Windsong 
Res. Grand Champion 
IBHA Sr. Horse HUS
4th Place
IBHA Disc. Rail HUS
Res. Grand Champion
3rd Place
IBHA Western Trail
3rd Place
IBHA Sr. Horse WP
3rd Place
IBHA Disc. Rail Western
Grand Champion
IBHA Open All Around
Grand Champion Horse

Leadline ~ Reba & Jonny Landsverk 
 Res. Champion

Ultima Playboy
(Grandson of Undun Wind)
2000 IBHA Stallion
Grand Champion
2 Yr Old Lungeline
Res. Grand Champion


With Limited Showing
Dun Factor
My Zippers Undun
4th Place

Yearling Stallions
My Zippers Undun
Grand Champion
Overall High Pt. Stallions
My Zippers Undun
Res. Grand Champion

Click on the horse below to send us your photos and accomplishments of your Undun Wind son or daughter!