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Sandy Meadows Quarter Horse Farm
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Shipped Semen Contract

Cooled Transported Semen Breeding Contract

This Agreement is made by and between Sandy Meadows Farm and _______________________________ (purchaser)

for the breeding season of 2012 (breeding season to run from

February 1 through July 31, 2012 unless otherwise stipulated in writing).

Subject to the following conditions:

The Mare to be bred named______________________________________

Reg. # ____________________

Breed ________________Date of Birth _______________

Color ______________Maiden Mare? _______

Sire _____________________________________

Dam _________________________________________

Purchaser may not substitute another mare for breeding without prior written consent of Sandy Meadows Farm. 

This must be done prior to the ordering of semen.

The following fees must be paid prior to semen being shipped:

A)  A non-refundable booking fee of $300.00 is due at signing and acceptance of this agreement.  The balance of the breeding fee is due before semen will be shipped.  Booking fee is part of the breeding fee.

B)  The total Breeding  Fee will be chosen from the following options:

      1)  Option #1 is a breeding fee total of $_______.  Depends on which stallion you choose.  Collection, Evaluation and Shipping costs are extra as detailed in Section C below.

      2)  Option #2 offers a special breeding fee total of $______  (again depends on which stallion you choose) which is a Special price and only good with a signed contract by Dec. 1, 2011.  Collection, Evaluation, & Shipping is extra as detailed in  Section C below.  Must pay the Equitainer Deposit too.

C)  An additional deposit of $575 will be necessary and must be paid prior to semen being shipped to establish a credit fund for the following:

     1)  Refundable Deposit on Equitainer of $250.00.  Equitainer must be returned within 5 days.

            Penalty after 5 days is $25.00 per day until it arrives back at Stud Farm.  Deposit is refunded if   Equitainer is returned intact and in a timely manner as described above.  Refunds given after mare confirmed in foal or at end of breeding season whichever comes first.

     2)  Semen Collection and Evaluation Fee of $250 for each shipment.

     3)  Shipping fees, delivery and return of $75.00 for each shipment or actual cost; which ever is less.  Method of shipping to be determined by Sandy Meadows Farm.  If counter to counter plane service is used, shipping will be charged by what Sandy Meadows Farm is charged and the below Courier Fee to deliver to airport.  No other service fee for this service.

    4)   Courier Fee:  Minimum of $50 if we have to take or retrieve shipment from Airport, Fed Ex Station, Post office, or hand deliver.  This will be figured at $1.00 per mile and after the minimum is exhausted, it will be charged at $1.00 per mile for extra miles.

    5)  If deposit is exhausted prior to conception, an additional deposit will be required and no shipments will be made until receipt of additional deposit funds.

D)  Reservations for Transported Semen:

      Sandy Meadows Farm confirms, upon receipt of the above mentioned booking fee, they will reserve a breeding for the above mentioned mare to:

            Undun Wind ~ AQHA Reg. #2953811 for the 2012 breeding season. $1000 Regular fee with $800 as early booking fee.  (Not available for shipped semen ~ only on farm).

             Hollywood Dunit Gold ~ AQHA Reg. 5173364  $650 Regular Fee with $500 early booking fee.  Limited breeding to him this year due to training and showing.

            Zips Undun Leaguer ~ $650 Regular Fee with $500 early booking fee.  Limited breeding to him this year.

     1) The purchaser requests breeding during the following month:  ____________________

     2) Semen is collected on a designated schedule ~ generally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

     3) All requests for Artificial Insemination shall be filled as received, subject to the availability of the stallion’s semen and approval of Sandy Meadows Farm.  If there is insufficient semen to fill all orders on a given day, Sandy Meadows Farm will determine which orders will be honored.  This decision will be based on information provided by the purchaser’s veterinarian or Sandy Meadows Farm’s veterinarian.

E)  Conditions:  Stallion service will b provided only to healthy mares in sound breeding condition, as determined by a veterinarian acceptable to Sandy Meadows Farm.  There will be a maximum of two (2) heat cycles of shipped semen under Item C above.  In the event the mare does not conceive on the second shipment, it will be at the discretion of Sandy Meadows Farm whether to ship more semen or service the mare at the breeding farm.  Sandy Meadows Farm reserves the right to refuse any mare who has genetic defects such as HYPP positive test, and will insist on a written negative test result for any Impressive bred mare.  This test result must accompany this signed agreement.


F) Return of Service:

Purchaser shall not be entitled to a refund of fees.  There is a Live Foal Guarantee.  Live foal for this agreement, means that that foal shall stand and nurse.  Mare owner agrees that stallion owner and/or manager does not make any guarantees as to the quality or conformation of the foal, nor that the foal will be free from any infirmity, conformation defect, disease, or inherited trait.  It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if the foal is stillborn, a return privilege will be guaranteed in the following year only; provided proper notification is given.  Proper notification, for this agreement, shall be defined as follows:  Written certification by a licensed veterinarian within (7) seven days that the mare has aborted or produced a non-viable foal.  Mare Owner certifies that such abortion or death did not result from any act or omission to act of the owner subsequent to the mare being checked in foal.  All rights of return to the stallion are subject to prepayment of costs listed in item “C” above.

G) Non-Assignment.  This agreement CANNOT be transferred or assigned by the purchaser.  There shall be no right of return if the mare is sold or otherwise changes ownership after being serviced by the stallion (unless agreed upon in writing by Sandy Meadows Farm prior to the sale).

H)  It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die or become unfit for service, or if the above named mare dies during the breeding season, then the Mare Owner may substitute another mare, approved by Sandy Meadows Farm; or breed the above mare to another stallion on the farm which again must be approved by Sandy Meadows Farm.

I)  A breeders certificate will be issued after all expenses are paid in full and upon notification of birth of a viable foal.

J) Warranty:  Sandy Meadows Farm is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen and makes no representation or warranties of any kind with respect to any semen furnished hereunder except that it is the semen of the stallion listed.

K)  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, and shall be binding upon the parties hereto and their personal representatives.   Any default on this contract shall be dealt with according to the law.  All fees, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other reasonable fees relating to this default will be the responsibility of the purchaser of this agreement.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals:


Sandy Meadows Farm

By: _________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________


Purchaser Signature: ____________________________________________

Date: ______________________


Purchaser Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone: __________________________ 

Email: _____________________________________________


PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFO:  Veterinarian Attending:


Name: ___________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Closest Airport: _______________________________________________________________________________________


Sandy Meadows Farm, owners, employees, veterinarians, or guests will not be liable for any injury, escape, disability, death or condition of any mare and/or foal in for service at the Stud Farm.


Complete, Sign and return two copies of this agreement with booking fee to:

Sandy Meadows Farm

W3647 Hwy. 16, Rio, WI  53960


Be sure to send a copy of the mare’s registration papers, health certificate completed within 30 days of arrival at Stud Farm.  The health certificate can be sent to the farm prior to semen being sent if thisagreements is signed prior to the 30 days before breeding.  A signed copy of this agreement will be returned to you for your records.


We accept Credit Cards through Paypal.  See our website for details.

If you have any questions, please call (608) 393-3709 or Email us at


Email us for a printed copy of this contract at the above email.


Print a copy of this contract if you want. Or contact us and I will send you one via email or regular mail.

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